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Fellside Homes



At Fellside Homes our hands on, dedicated team are available to ensure a stress free transition from initial viewing of the property right through to aftercare. After you move in we will still be here to in case you need anything or experience any problems with your new home. All new buildings go through a ‘settling’ period after construction and during this time we will provide you with assistance and advice on any issues that may arise.


All Fellside Homes all properties come with a 10 year LABC warranty. In the first two years Fellside will cover latent defects from the build, LABC cover the remaining eight years for any major structural defects to your home. This warranty should give you confidence that your home is built to the highest of standards and we are still there to support you once you move in.

When you move into your new home we meet with you on completion day to hand over your keys. This involves showing you how things work in the house and answering any questions you might have. We will prepare a handover pack to give you on completion day. This includes all of the certificates for the property, manuals for any appliances, alarms, thermostats etc. and also a home owners guide on what to expect in your new home. Your new home will go through a period of settling and this pack and guide will explain what is normal.

We like to make all buyers aware that appliances including boiler, storage cylinders, white goods, kitchen appliances etc. do not form part of the 10 year warranty. These appliances need to be registered directly with the manufacturer. You will find all this information in your handover pack.

On completion day we will explain the process for raising any issues, we ask that in the first 72 hours you go through your house and raise anything major e.g. chips to surfaces, flooring, sanitary ware that once lived in could be deemed as wear and tear. This means we can address these type of issues as soon as possible. Unfortunately as time passes the customer care does not cover any wear and tear, accidental damage or general home owner maintenance that is required to keep the house to a standard.

In an emergency it is important to know what to do and who to call. An emergency is:

  • Loss of central heating and hot water
  • Water leak that cannot be contained and is likely to cause damage or is leaking into an electrical fitting
  • Loss of electricity (not due to provider / mains grid issues)
  • Blocked drains which are overflowing or flooding internally or externally

In your handover pack we will leave details on what to do in an emergency. For your safety and peace of mind Fellside Homes provide 24 hour emergency numbers.